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Estate Planning

Helping You Secure Your Financial Future

Estate planning has become a one-size-fits-all practice with many attorneys following a rigid and often ineffective path to preserving and distributing assets. We build a personal connection with you, listening to your needs and goals for your estate, for your family, and for your relationship with us. You can trust we will assemble the necessary team — even bringing in outside advisors like CPAs, financial planners, insurance providers, and more — to craft a customized estate plan that addresses the needs of your family, no matter its structure, its cultural heritage, or its special circumstances.

We can work with you through situations such as:

Preserving wealth

During and after your lifetime


Identifying and designating the best person to manage assets if you are unable to do so


Ensuring property is given to loved ones after your passing


Minimizing expenses by proper planning with a goal of avoiding unnecessary court proceedings

Beyond the distribution of your assets, we work intimately with you and your family to help you navigate stressful circumstances. These situations include planning for illness and incapacity, providing for minor and adult children, and anticipating and planning for obstacles that might thwart your wishes or lead to unwanted litigation. We can also provide guidance on an existing estate plan and help you revise it to better meet the needs of your family.

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